EducationUSA Holds Interactive Session with Career Teachers

EducationUSA Interactive Session

September 8, 2016 – The U.S. Embassy’s academic advising office, EducationUSA, hosted their annual EducationUSA Interactive Session for career teachers and school counselors. The event was held at Mutiara Hall in the Radisson Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan, and provided updates on trends in Higher Education in the United States, as well as key info on admissions, scholarships, and accreditation.

The program also covered professional development opportunities for school counselors offered by U.S. higher education agencies. The event was attended by higher education career teachers and counselors from various government and private sixth form centers and secondary schools.

EducationUSA Interactive Session
Career Teachers and School Counselors with U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Team

U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Catherine Muller stated, “This Interactive Session is a great opportunity for U.S. Embassy Brunei Darussalam to engage with the career teachers who inform parents and students about universities and trends in U.S. higher education, and guide them through the admissions process, procedures, and testing. We hope this information will ultimately help students find the ‘best fit’ for them to pursue their academic goals and achieve their career dreams.”

During the event, Ummi Kalsum Binti Haji Omar, Head of Pre-university and Careers Department at Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Ali, shared her recent experience in the United States during a three-week workshop and conference with the International Association of College Admission Counseling (IACAC). Ummi is Brunei’s first scholar and participant in the IACAC.

For more information about higher education opportunities in the United States, please contact the U.S. Embassy’s EducationUSA Advisor, Mayra Robles at