Notaries Public

Appointment are Required for All Services

There is no walk-in service for U.S. citizens who require a routine service related to passport, citizenship, or birth registration. To ensure quality service and brief wait times, please schedule a separate appointment for each person requiring a service. Routine appointments is available on Wednesdays at 10 am only, except on Embassy’s official holidays. Click here to book an appointment.

Consistent with U.S. law and Department of State policy, U.S. consular officers may provide specific notarial services for any person regardless of nationality so long as the document being notarized is required for use within the jurisdiction of the United States and authorized by relevant U.S. law. For documents to be used in Brunei Darussalam please consult a local notary public.

Prerequisites for U.S. Notarial Services

In order to receive notarial services from the Consular Section, the requester must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Present a current U.S. or other Government-issued document with name, photograph and signature, such as a passport, as proof of identity. Please be sure to bring identification that matches the name on the document.
  • Completely fill in all blank spaces on the document, do not sign until requested to do so by a Consular Officer;
  • Demonstrate that s/he understands the document to be signed and is signing voluntarily;
  • Show that the transaction is not suspicious, potentially illegal, or irregular; and
  • Complete separately, as required under U.S. law, acknowledgements of documents by more than one person.

If you wish to have your signature witnessed as well as notarized, you will need to provide your own witnesses.

Limitations on Notarial Services

U.S. law precludes the provision of notarial services in certain cases. Among others, consular officers may not provide notarial services in connection with:

  • Authentication of U.S. documents such as birth, residency, marriage, divorce, and death certificates. Such documents must be authenticated in the U.S. for use overseas; for additional details, please consult the Department of State’s Office of Authentication, or 1-800-688-9889. Please see below for information on procedures for authentication of documents to be presented in the U.S.
  • Copies of documents including certified true copies unless for use solely by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service or the U.S. Social Security Administration;
  • Academic credentials, transcripts or degrees; and
  • Statements beyond the consular officer’s knowledge, e.g. that a document satisfies specific legal requirements or that a person is the spouse of another or the employee of a certain business or corporation.


The current fee for a Notarial seal is USD $50.00 or BND $70.00 equivalent. For each additional seal required whether it is within the same document or a separate document, the fee is an additional USD $50.00 or BND $70.00 equivalent per seal. This Embassy accepts major credit cards for all U.S. citizen services. We also accept currency from Brunei, Singapore, or the United States. In response to a local bank policy, we cannot accept USD older than the year 2000, or bills that are ripped or damaged.